A decentralized NFT marketplace and minting platform focused to connect the creators to buyers

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Easy to Use

Design & Architecture

A high-level view of our architecture and the various tools and technolgies that assisted us in building our very own decentralized application.

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What It Looks Like?

A sneak-peek into the overview of our application and what it offers.

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What is Next?

Features and extensions that we would like to work upon in the future

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Progress Timeline →

  1. - Forming Team
    - Brainstorming Ideas
  2. - Solidified Project Idea: 
      NFT Marketplace on ResilientDB
  3. - Project Proposal Document
  4. - Planning the Implementation
  5. - Understanding ResilientDB 
    - Understanding existing smart 
  6. - Start development of APIs
    - Start working on the Front End
  7. - Start working on ResilientDB
    - Start working on the project 
  8. - Completion of web app
    - Completing the project website
  9. - Submission of project

Meet the Team

Abhaas Tonwer
Gradutate Student
Anurag Dhasmana
Gradutate Student
Arindaam Roy
Gradutate Student
Divjeet Singh Jas
Gradutate Student
Rachit Dhamija
Gradutate Student